From the Editor's Pen

Conducting research is an integral part of learning about society. Research is primarily done to inform action, gather evidence for theories, and contribute to developing knowledge in a field of study. It discusses the significance of research and the many reasons why it is important for everyone. Finding reasons why research is important seems like a no-brainer, but many people avoid it. Yet, for those who like to learn, whether they are members of a research institution or not; conducting research is not just important it is rather imperative. The ability to write effectively is essential for success in professionally communicating because it really depends on the effectiveness of the sentence constructions. It is really important to know and master the art of writing as law professionals.
The pandemic has caused India and other nations to rush into remote learning. This sudden shift will have a sizeable impact on teaching and learning long after the Covid-19 crisis ends. Remote learning is a powerful tool from elementary school to professional education classes. It shrinks distances and supports teaching in new and interesting ways in just a few clicks away. The ability to teach through technology is really powerful.
The online journal is like an encyclopedia offering information in large quantities to researchers and students. There’s a wide variety of databases to source information from, but it’s so much easier to access this information online because all you need is a computer and the internet. Narrowing your search to a focused angle then becomes easier because all you need is to type in specific keyword phrases and you’ll get thousands of search results in just a few seconds.
The online gives access to information on a click unlike the physical libraries, academic journals online come with the option of free downloads which allow you to save material to your computer or Smartphone. This also, give the author an advantage of publishing their views to the world in a single stoke of a key.
Thus, in that effort, the MGCL is providing a platform for the research scholars to publish their views on the latest socio legal issues across the globe. The present issue has included articles from law teachers, practitioners, and law students from across the country, giving them an opportunity to express their opinions and present their research to the world over. As the editor of the Journal, I express my gratitude to all the contributors for their support and hope they continue the same in the future.
Jai Hind!!! 

Prof. Dr. John P C

Chief Editor